About Us



VATRA Adult Health Center was started because of the need of our own parents to socialize with other people, rather than sit alone at home while our children go to school and we go to work.

About Us

The Idea

Our parents came to this country at an advanced age which combined with
language barriers made it impossible for them to integrate in the completely
unknown and new environment.
They are very dependent upon us and require our assistance in their activities
of daily life, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, administering
medications and social life.
Quite often we had to work with reduced hours and take unpaid leave to
support them with their medical and social needs.
When we brought up the idea of having an Adult Day Care Center where they
could have an active social life under medical supervision they were very
enthusiastic and supportive.

A community setting for elderly and disabled patients

Vatra Adult Day Health Center offers a community setting for elderly and disabled patients whose medical conditions requires nursing supervision and/or rehabilitative therapy, and the help of people who understand the unique perspective of our Eastern European residents. We help our members maintain their independence and vitality, while they take an active part in their community, and we support our members, enabling them to continue living in their homes. Vatra also offers other services such as health, social, and nutritional care as well as an organized program of nursing services, supervision, maintenance, therapy and socialization.