What are your hours?

Primary program hours for Vatra Adult Day Health Center are Mondays through Saturdays between 7:00am and 3:00pm

What kind of activities do you provide?

We have a range of activities and maintain a full activity calendar. Examples of activities include: Music groups, Arts and Crafts, Bingo, Tea Parties, Chair Exercises, Current Events, Trivia, Crossword Puzzles, Pet Therapy, and many more.

Does Medicare cover Adult Day Care?

No, unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the cost of Adult Daycare. Full coverage for this program is provided by Medicaid programs such as MassHealth Standard, United Healthcare and Senior Whole Health. Masshealth standard offers by far the best coverage for Adult Day Care (option to attend the program every day).

Do you lose any of the current senior benefits after joining Adult Day Care?

No, Vatra Adult Day Health Center participant does not lose any financial benefits, nor does he/she lose any of the home services currently being provided to him/her. There are no changes either with respect to the Medical Center he/she currently goes to and the primary care doctor remains the same. In addition, Vatra Adult Day Health Center participant will become aware through our Case Management services of many other additional benefits he/she might be entitled to, including free transportation to the doctor’s appointments.

Are meals provided and are they included in the cost of the program?

We serve a light breakfast (usually cereal and fruit with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate), a three course hot lunch, and an afternoon snack. There is no additional cost for meals.

How much does it cost?

For those without insurance coverage, the cost of the program is $70.00 per day (not including the transportation fees).

I am a Veteran and was told the V.A. would cover participation in the program. Is this true?

In many cases, this is true, but you must be registered with the V.A., meet certain eligibility criteria, and must have a physical completed by a V.A. doctor.

What services are provided at the center?

Participants receive the services of a Registered Nurse, Social Worker, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Registered Dietitian. Breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, and the cost of transportation are included. Program activities, including intergenerational programs, are also includ

Do you have transportation?

Yes, free transportation is provided for members eligible for MassHealth Standard, United Health Care and/or Senior Whole Health.

Do you give medication at Vatra Adult Day Health Center?

Medication can be dispensed by the center nurses with an appropriate order from the participant’s medical doctor. Medications also must be in an original pharmacy container with the pharmacy label. Families are responsible for obtaining the order from the physician and providing the center with the medications. Participants are not allowed to take medication on their own (without supervision) and any medications to be taken at the center must be held in the nursing office.

What is needed for admission to Vatra Adult Day Health Center?

Requirements vary depending on the funding source for participation. In general, all participants must have a Health & Physical form completed by their primary doctor (in the case of Veterans Administration clients it MUST be completed by a V.A. doctor), a TB test/chest x-ray completed within the past year, and complete the agency application.

Who is NOT eligible for participation at Vatra Adult Day Health Center?

If an individual cannot bear weight and/or needs more than one person to assist him/her in the restroom and for transfers, he or she may not be eligible for the center. In addition, someone who requires one to one assistance to be able to participate in programs, who is combative and/or a danger to him/herself or others, may also not be appropriate. Bowel incontinence that cannot be managed with two hour restroom reminders may also exclude someone from participation at the center.

Do you enroll people who require oxygen during the day?

No – we are not able to enroll individuals who would require oxygen during the day.

Can we use an electric wheelchair at the center?

Can we use an electric wheelchair at the center?

I feel a little guilty about considering adult day care. Will it benefit my loved one as much as it helps me?

Our participating families find that their loved ones are happier, healthier, and enjoy life more because of Vatra Adult Day Health Center. Vatra Adult Day Health Center gives your loved one a chance to make new friends, try different activities and feel a renewed sense of purpose.