Registered Nurse

Posted 5 years ago

General Summary:

Must be licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The nurse must have at least two years of experience in the direct care of adults or chronically disabled patients. Responsibilities will include: providing and/or supervising nursing services for each member, including skilled nursing, supervise other health-care staff, coordinate and review patient care plan according to policies and procedures, provide monthly notes for each member (more often if necessary),train other health-care staff, review and implement physician orders.

Duties and Responsibilities at a minimum include:

  • Provision and supervision of all nursing services;
  • Supervision of staff;
  • Coordinating the completion of, and ensuring the accuracy of, each participant’s assessment;
  • Coordinating the development, ongoing review, and revision of each participant’s plan of care;
  • Ensuring that nursing notes are written at least one time per month or more often as necessary to reflect each participant’s health care status;
  • Responding appropriately to any acute changes in a participant’s health or functioning;
  • Providing appropriate health care education for each participant and legally authorized representative;
  • Assisting as necessary in the delivery of other Services;
  • Ensuring ongoing education, training, and professional development of all Program staff that is relevant to care of participants;
  • Obtaining, reviewing, and implementing primary care provider orders;
  • Coordinating the participant’s care with the primary care provider and, if applicable, community service providers;
  • Supervising medication management services; and
  • Developing medication policies and procedures, in accordance with 105 CMR 158.039.

Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Knowledge of various disease processes that affect the elderly, including Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease.
  • Good documentation and oral communication skills.
  • Supervisory/Management skills.
  • Current CPR & First Aid.

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