Vatra Adult Day Health Center

Vatra Adult Day Health Center is geared specifically toward elders. We are committed to provide adult social day care with engaging social and recreational activities, companionship, meals, along with personalized medical care for each participant. Activities may include daily gymnastics, art projects, reminiscence groups, bingo and trivia games, birthday celebrations, musical events, organized visits to shopping malls and parks, personalized transportation to doctor’s appointments, etc. Our participants need to be mobile, with the possible assistance of a cane, walker or wheelchair.In addition, Vatra Adult Day Health Center will enable caregivers to:

Job Outside Of Home

As your parents are in good hands with Vatra Adult Day Health Center, you can have a job while they are enjoying our services

Care For Loved One

Vatra Adult Day Health Center’s highly qualified professional staff will provide services to your parents that you otherwise could not offer

Rejuvenate Your Relationship

Some break time away from family duties may be a rejuvenator for your relationship with your parents

“No” To Nursing Home

Avoid the guilt of premature nursing home placement of your dear ones, when may only require minimal assistance

6 Days A Week

The program runs every week Monday – Saturday, starting at 9:00 AM and lasting until 3:00 PM

Respite From 24-Hr Responsibility

It is very difficult to take care of your elderly parents 24-Hr every day and Vatra Adult Day Health Center will give you the much needed break time

Why Choose Us

We speak your language and understand your tradition

Our staff is fluent in most of the Eastern European languages like Albanian, Russian, Polish, etc. We provide TV channels in your language, live music with songs you grew up with, most popular games of your country of origin, delicious Eastern European cuisine, etc..

We have experienced nursing personnel

Our nurses have many years of experience working with elderly and disabled people and speak multiple Eastern European languages. They will treat you with the love, respect and dignity you deserve. They will assess your health condition, control your blood pressure, administer your medications as well as assist you and give advice for any medical needs that you might have.

We are open to improvement

As experienced as we are, we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. As such, we are open to any ideas or suggestions that will improve our work and better serve our clients. We regularly ask our participants and their family members for feedback on how we are doing and how to improve our services.